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Learning outcome; 1. Compare and contrast customer-focused approaches and strategies to meet the needs of the tourism and hospitality target markets.

This assessment links to learning outcome two allowing you to explore customer focused approaches and strategies that are currently being employed by businesses in the tourism and hospitality industry. This assignment requires you to reflect on three personal customer experiences (commenting on your experience as a customer) in the tourism and hospitality context. You will complete a customer service reflection based on your personal experience.

Guidelines for the three personal customer experiences chosen;

You are to reflect on a customer experience of your own that you have recently had You may reflect on any of the Toi Ohomai excursions you have participated in Examples of suitable customer experiences that you could reflect on are; ordering a coffee at your local café; interacting with a tour guide; seeking assistance or information at a tourism information centre such as the Isite; or entering a tourism attraction either for free or as a paying customer. The businesses name is not to be used in your reflection. They are to stay anonymous. However, refer to the business using a brief descriptor e.g. suburban coffee shop; tourist information office etc.

The three individual customer service reflections are to include the following;


Overview of the business; and the product or experience that is provided. Include a description of who their target market is. Do not use the name of the business. (10 marks each reflection x3)

2. Reflect on all aspects of your customer experience, both positive and negative. Outline how this customer experience did, or did not meet your expectation. (15 marks each reflection x 3)

• Use The Services Marketing Triangle as a guideline for your reflection • Use the SERVQUAL model (tangible elements, reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy) to

discuss any gaps between customer expectations versus perceptions of the service.

Reflection writing requirements (25 marks);

Three personal reflections (these are to be your own experiences), each reflection 600 – 700 words Reflection on actions of the people you interact with and the service – scape of the location Share your thoughts on the customer service experience and how it made you feel both during the experience and afterwards Reflect on the experience overall. Ensure Academic requirements are met (Presentation is of a high standard, clearly understood, grammar and spelling is correct)

You will be expected to;

Upload a copy of your written reflections documents to the Moodle drop box by 4.00 pm. A hard copy with cover sheet to be deposited in the drop box outside the reception area in C Block.

First Customer Service Reflection: Thursday 22 August, 2019

Second Customer Service Reflection: Thursday, 5 September, 2019 • Third Customer Service Reflection: Thursday 19 September, 2019

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