SITHCCC006 Prepare Appetizers and Salad
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Activity 1

Think about your workplace, which is a commercial kitchen; discuss what you look at to confirm food production requirements? Also, discuss the meaning of mise en place (PC-1.1)

Activity 2

It is very important to calculate ingredients amounts correctly as accordance with requirements, do you agree, Discuss why? In addition, which factors affects ingredients selection? (PC-1.2)

Activity 3

List examples of appetiser and salad ingredients, which you collect from stores according to recipe, quality, freshness and stock rotation requirements. Also, discuss how would you identify and select them. (Pc-1.3)

Learners may discuss following examples of appetiser and salad ingredients:

Activity 4

What is first in first out, discuss importance of FIFO.

Activity 5

Look at the following examples of different kitchen equipment has and discuss their usage. (PC-2.1)


Chef’s knife


Food processor

Sharpening stone

Boning knife

Activity 6

Before using any equipment in commercial kitchen, it is very important to know how to assemble it, do you agree discuss why? Discuss importance of safely assembling the equipment and ensuring cleanliness. (Pc-2.2)

Activity 7

Give some examples of electrical equipment, which you use in commercial kitchen. Discuss the important point you must keep in mind, while using kitchen equipment. Also why you need to follow manufacturer instructions? (Pc-2.3)

Activity 8

It is very important to sort and assemble ingredients according to recipe and food production requirements. What will be the implications if you do not sort or assemble ingredients? (Pc-3.1)

Activity 9

What problems could you have if you don’t measure, weigh and count the ingredients correctly according to recipe? Also briefly discuss the importance of portion control. (PC-3.2)

Activity 10

While preparing salads in commercial kitchen you use different cuts, briefly discuss at least three precision cuts, which you use to prepare salads and appetisers. (PC-3.3)

Activity 11

Describe the methods to reduce waste and discuss the importance of controlling waste. (PC-3.4)

Activity 12

While you work in commercial kitchen, most of the times you would be responsible for preparing salads and appetisers, list and discuss the suitable cookery methods to prepare salads and appetisers. (PC-4.1)

Activity 13

While working in commercial kitchen, you prepare different salads, list at least five of them, what ingredient you use and which dressing you use. Why do we use dressings.(Pc-4.2)

Activity 14

While making salads and appetisers following standard recipes, you would be making some adjustments to fulfil the requirements. What can be these adjustments? (Pc-4.3)

Activity 15

Once you have prepared salads and appetisers, next step is to present them properly, list all-important points, which you would keep in mind while presenting. (PC-5.1, 5.2)

Activity 16

Once a dish is ready to go and you visually evaluate it, many times you make adjustments in presentation, what can be those adjustments? (Pc-5.3)

Activity 17

One important job, while working in a commercial kitchen involves storing food items such as salads and appetisers at appropriate environmental conditions. What can be those environmental conditions? (Pc-5.4)

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