Resource Analysis
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Assessment Marking Criteria Marks may be awarded as set out below.

Assessment Requirements

Available Marks


Resource Analysis Report is complete and prepared neatly and professionally based on tasks carried out fully Report includes the following: – Analysis of all the resources in the organisation for any one

business operation (10 marks) – Classifying them according to their strengths and weaknesses

(9 marks) – Organisation’s competencies are investigated in depth (9 marks)

– Suitable strategy is outlined that combines the strengths of all

resources to optimise capabilities and organisation’s competencies for improved performance and output (10 marks)

– Resource gaps for any one business operation are identified and

justified recommendations are made for improvement and optimum use (10 marks)

Resources include physical resources – machines, systems, buildings, production capacity of organisation; financial resources such as capital, cash, debtors, creditors, suppliers of money (shareholders, bankers, other financial institutions); human resources including skills and knowledge of employees and other people in organisation’s networks, intellectual capital resources as intangible resources including patents, brands, business systems, and customer data bases, technological resources, reputational


Workplace Evaluation Report has been completed by the Business Supervising Manager

(Maximum of 65 marks for the Evaluation)

(5 marks for the final summary)

Total of 70 divided by 2

Learner Reflections in Verification Form are comprehensive

4 marks for each verification and comments by supervising manager ( 7)=28 marks


[2 marks for professional presentation





Note: Total marks to be divided by 3 to attain the given 40 % of credit value for this assessment Note to Assessor: Assessors should be informed by the generic Marking Rubric-Performance Criteria in the Learner Programme Handbook.

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