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NZDipBus Applied Management: Proposal to Conduct Resear

onduct Research – Template

Suggest cover page (students/date) and TOC

1. Project Title & Summary (max 250 words) The name of your research project and summary of your project in le general audience (aim, scope, method, intended outcomes – What

in less than 250 words in plain English for a

es – What? How? Why?)

comes importance of the research (max 500 Provide a statement which your research will

2. Research Hypothesis, Aims and Potential impact/outcomeslim words) • Hypothesis – What do you think the results will show you? Provide a st

prove/disprove. • Aims – Provide specific goals linked to your hypothesis. What do you

basis for carrying out your research. * Impact etc – How will this benefit the organisation and understanding of the Why is the research worth doing?

What do you intend to find out? These provide the

rstanding of the topic being researched?

3. Background and Rationale (max 800 words) Who/What/

Where/Why? Background information that motivated you to underta information on the organisation and its context and SWOT analysis. The inte clear rationale and justification of the project:

to undertake the project, including The information here should provide a

used on a particular team/department?


• What is the company name, how long has it existed, where is it, what do they do? • How many staff, departments, structure? Is the project focused on a particular tea * Who are their main customers? * SWOT analysis – include table showing clear identification of all aspects SW (internal * What is the problem/issue – linked to the SWOT analysis, why is it important, what have * What is the existing knowledge/management concepts that will help develop your understai

Issues/inform potential solutions? What does the literature say?

of all aspects SW (internal) and OT (external) why is it important, what have you noticed?

4. Methodology (max 800 words)

a solution The methodology is an explanation and justification for the method you intend to use. Inge whether you will approach this from a positivist, interpretivist or other perspective, whether yo qualitative or quantitative data, what approach you will be using (eg. Experiment/case study/cross. sectional/longitudinal/action research?), and justify this. You need to show the appropriateness of vol proposed method for answering the research question. In order to provide a rationale, you may wish to refe to literature on research methods that backs up your choice of method. * How is the data going to be collected: questionnaires, surveys, observation, interviews, focus groups, etc. (you will develop these research instruments once your proposal has been approved) * Who are the research participants? What will be the sample size/selection process? * What procedure do you plan to follow for developing/distributing/collecting questionnaires/other? * How do you intend to analyse the data collected? What problem solving model(s) will you use?

5. Ethics Statement (max 250 words) Describe the ethical issues involved in this project and how they will be addressed (refer to the Toi Ohoma Institute of Technology Code of Ethical Conduct for Research and Teaching involving Human Participants * What are the key issues in research involving people? * What are the key issues in this project? *How do you plan to manage or overcome the ethical issues?

6. Project Plan (max 200 words) Timeline/Milestones relative to the project (can be appended as a Gantt Chart) Resources/Materials/Budget – What do you need to complete the research – think printing, transport, et

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