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Assessment Task Three Guideline



Class Week 1.9

Credit Value of Assessment:

Professional Communication


Rationale for Assessment:

This assessment provides you with the opportunity professional communication skills impacting orge performance. It covers learning outcome 5 of this communicate strategies to enhance professional communica loop relative to organisational strategy and performance.

you with the opportunity to demonstrate your

on skills impacting organisational strategy and 18 learning outcome 5 of this paper – Research, evaluate and

Mance professional communication and feedback

Assessment Guidelines and Tasks

This is an individual assessment.

Review class notes and readings covered in the specific learning outcome of this assessment

You are required to submit the following written communication report in not more than 800-900 words.

1) Research and evaluate various communication strategies and practices that result in high business performance

2) Describe how a thoughtful and comprehensive communication strategy is a vital component to any successful change and improvement

3) Articulate the importance of a feedback loop for effective communication and organisational performance

4) Recommendations for effective communication to take place in the organisation

5) References inaccurate APA style

Now, communicate your recommendations verbally in a clear, concise and persuasive way to a small group of interested audience. Your verbal communication must not take more than 5 – 7 minutes.

Evidence is required of how you integrated a feedback loop in your verbal communication.

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