NZDB 6212 Practical Assessment 1 Managing Business Resources
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Paper: Managing Business Resources

NZQA Level: 6

Credits: 15

Assessment Type: Practical Assignment 1

Weighting: 5 credits (33.4 %)

Student Name: Student ID:

LO No. Tasks Marks Achieved Marks

LO1(A, B, C) 1 20

LO2(A, B) 2 20

LO3(A, B, C) 3 30

LO4(A, B) 4 30

TOTAL Marks 100

Provide a declaration on plagiarism as given below

I hereby declare that this piece of work is the result of my own independent scholarly work and that in all cases material from the work of others (in books, articles, essays, dissertations, and on the internet) is acknowledged, and quotations and paraphrases are clearly indicated. No material other than that listed has been used. This written work has not previously been used as examination material at this or any other institution by you or any other person.

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Learning Outcomes Assessed:

1. Access and manage resources to effectively perform the business entity’s activities and achieve the desired outcomes. (Credits:3)

2. Engage stakeholders to effectively use and manage organisational resources to improve the business entity’s performance. (Credits: 0.83)

3. Demonstrate best practices in resource management, motivate and develop others for adequate and effective use and management of organisational resources.(Credits: 0.67)

4. Analyse and manage the impact of the business environment on the use and management of business resources. (Credits: 0.5)  

Assessment Specific Instructions

1. Students need to select a real or realistic New Zealand organisation conduct this practical Assignment.

2. The practical assignment is to access and manage the resources to adequately perform the business entity’s activities and achieve the desired outcomes.


1. The student is required to use academic books, journals, and companies’ websites to support the points in this open book assignment.

2. This assignment requires the use of secondary data only. The student will conduct secondary research about selected real or realistic organisation.

3. Ensure all research used is adequately referenced using the APA 6 referencing standard.

4. All answers must be in your own words, i.e. please do not use too many quotes, but describe, analyse and comment.

Structure and Formatting

1. Complete four tasks as the part of this practical assignment. The assessment provides the student with word limits for each task. Please note the word limit is a guide only and should give the student an idea concerning the scope, depth and detail of discussion required.

2. The assignment should be word processed in black and white, with the main text in 12 point Times New Roman/Calibri, left aligned, with 6 point paragraph spacing, 1.5 ‘line spacing’ on A4 size paper, portrait format (left margin minimum 3cm, right margin minimum 2cm).

When and How to submit

1. A soft copy and a hard copy of the Practical Assignment must be submitted to the lecturer by Week 6. The exact due date will be advised by the lecturer.

2. The student should save the file as: “IDNumber FULL NAME NZDB6212 Managing Business Resources Practical Assignment 1”. For example 007 TOM CRUISE NZDB6212 Managing Business Resources Practical Assignment 1

Practical Assignment 1

You are an assistant operational manager of ICL Graduate Business School. Senior management has decided to establish ICL Royal Gym Club at the fifth floor by joint venture with Royal Gym. To that extent, management assigned you with responsibility to lead a team to carry out this program. Your objective is to assess and manage resources for ICL Royal Gym Club to present to the management. As such, it will enhance the benefit of fitness and healthiness for ICL staffs and students.

For this sake, you have to access a variety of systems, resources and documents. Following tasks must be completed to introduce ICL Royal Gym Club.

Task 1: Charter [Marks 20]

Develop a charter of the assigned responsibility to get the aprpoval of the senior management. Charter may include following components.

1. Title and Description of the task

2. Your role, responsibility and authority level

3. Key Stakeholders

4. Expected Key Deliverables (Outcomes)

5. Budget and Schedule requirements

6. Resources Needed

7. Assumption, Constraint and Risks

Task Instructions:

1. Word count should be 700 + 10% with 100 words for each of the above components.

2. Only a high-level description is required in the charter.

3. Description of each of the above components carries TWO marks.

4. The charter must be approved by senior management.

5. The approval of the charter can be achieved through a meeting with senior management. Minutes of the meeting will be required, and activity carries six marks.

Task 2: Resource Identification and Acquisition [Marks 20]

This task requires you to identify and acquire the resources (Physical, Technological and Human) that will be accessed and managed to implement the ICL Royal Gym Club at ICL.

A. Resource Identification [Marks 15]

Resources Overview

Project Team


Hardware Equipment

Software Tools

Organisational Systems

Organisation Process Assets (Process, procedures, template and other documents)

Other resources

Task Instructions:

1. At least five of the above resources should be identified with a justification.

2. Word count is 750 + 10% with 150 words for each of the five identified resources.

3. Each identification carries three marks.

B. Resource Acquisition [Marks 5]

Engage all the relevant departments through an appropriate communication medium to acquire the resources.

Task Instructions:

1. Identification and use of adequate communication medium is required

2. Evidence of communication and confirmation of the resource acquisition is required.

Task 3: Resource Management [Marks 30]

This task requires you to develop a resource management plan by providing a detailed breakdown of resources, required to implement the ICL Royal Gyms Club.


Describe the resource for example: “network engineer.” Skill Level/ Material Quality/ Specification Associated Task(s) Duration Required Available Time Period

Cost Level of Risk

High, Medium or Low

Project Team


Hardware Equipment

Software Tools

Organisational Systems

Organisation Process Assets (Process, procedures, template and other documents)

Other Resources

Task Instructions:

1. Provide details of all of the five selected resources by completing the associated columns.

2. Word count should be 1500 + 10% with 300 words for each of the five identified resources.

3. Breakdown and details of each resource carry SIX marks.

Task 4: Team Building and Management [Marks 30]

In this part, you need to carry out a number of subtasks, required for team building and management to implement the ICL Royal Gyms Club.

A. Identify and manage team Colocation requirement in compliance with your organisation process and procedure. [5 Marks]

B. Engage and manage virtual team members by accessing organisational resources and facilities. [3 Marks]

C. Demonstrate an understanding of following Interpersonal and team skills to use the team to implement automated SMS effectively. [10 Marks]

1. Conflict management

2. Influencing

3. Motivation

4. Negotiation

5. Team formation and development using Tuckman ladder model

D. Identify the professional development needs of the team to enhance their performance in SMS deployment by completing the following plan for each team member [6 Marks]

Professional Development needs Priority PD training needed to enhance performance Support/resources available for PD training Duration to complete identified PD training

E. Develop a recognition and rewards system to motivate the team members [6 Marks]

Assessment Specific Instruction

• Recognition and reward system should be developed with at least three features.

• An overall explanation of 300 words is required.

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