NZDB 605 Business Environment & Financial Planning
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Assessment Task One Guideline

Due: Class Week 3.4

Type: Analytical Report

Credit Value of Assessment: 20%

Rationale for Assessment:

This assessment is an opportunity for you to demonstrate critical and analytical thinking skills and advanced knowledge of globalisation trends and opportunities for New Zealand organisations to compete in the global landscape. It covers learning outcomes 1 and 2 of this paper which are as follows:

Learning Outcome 1 – Examine the major trends in globalisation as key drivers of change in competitive business landscape

Learning Outcome 2 – Analyse opportunities and risks of organisations in New Zealand operating in global markets and their impact on organisational goals and modern business practice

Assessment Guidelines and Task

This is an individual assessment task.

You are required to analyse, prepare and submit an Analytical Report clearly delineating the following requirements:

1) Current major trends in globalisation and impact for change in competitive business landscape

2) Prospects and potential risk for New Zealand businesses to operate in global markets

3) Their impact on organisational goals and modern business practice in New Zealand

Report must appropriately link to theoretical concepts, tools, models, or frameworks covered in the paper

Your report must conform to academic writing conventions

References must be accurate in APA style

Word length must be between 800 – 900 words

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