NZDB 604 Strategic Management Indian Restaurant
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Credit Value of Assessment:


Assessment Marking Criteria

Marks may be awarded as set out below

Assessment Criteria

Available Marks

Marks Awarded

Workplace verification form verifies the demonstration of the following practical tasks: 1) Collected and evaluated information from multiple sources in the workplace organisation regarding any one strategic management and decision making situation to bring about improved organisational performance

(Up to 1 mark for evidence of collection and evaluation of information; 1 mark appropriateness of situation, 1 mark for relevance)


2) Management decision that is communicated shows integration of theories, concepts, tools, models

(Up to 1.5 marks for integration)

(Up to 1.5 marks for effectiveness of management decision in the situation for improvement in organisation’s performance)

(Up to 1.5 marks for justification of management decision communicated)


Employs professional skills/conventions and methods




(Up to 5 marks communication)

(Up to.5 marks for professionalism)

(Up to .5 marks for body language) (Up to .5 marks for using suitable oral communication method) (Up to 1 mark for checking for understanding)

(Up to 1mark for actively listening)

(Up to 1 mark for appropriately and accurately responding to questions/feedback)

Written task:


Written Report describes the management decision making situation and the justified management decision communicated (Up to .5 marks for description of situation) (Up to 5 marks for describing management decision making) (Up to .5 mark for justification)


Report shows integration of relevant concepts, tools, models, theories covered in the paper

(Up to 1.5 marks overall)



Report communicates persuasively, clearly

(Up to .5 marks for each of the above elements x 3 = 1.5 marks)



Report conforms to academic writing conventions (spelling, grammar, sentence structure)

(Up to .5 marks for each of the above elements x 3 = 1.5 marks)

References are consistently accurate in APA style




20 Note: The above assessment marking decisions will be underpinned bu understandings of the programme aim, programme outcomes, relevant par


n navintors and Performance Criteria (noted

relevant Paper

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