MGMT6023 Human Resources Management Assignment 2
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All information provided for this Assignment is based on real-life examples.

Attached are the following:

 A copy of an advertisement for a public-sector hospital administrative position. This was advertised in daily from Wednesday 17 April 2019 to Monday 22 April 2019.

 A listing of the role’s duties and other requirements written in narrative format as a draft job ‘profile’

 Several letters of application and accompanying information submitted by various candidates for the position (these can be found in the Moodle folder)

Using this information, answer the following questions.

Question one [6 marks]

With reference to the information you have been provided, prepare a suitable selection matrix specifying six key selection criteria that will assist you in the selection process for this position

Question two [16 marks]

a) List all candidates on your selection matrix and apply your selection criteria to shortlist three applicants for interview. (3 marks)

b) Briefly explain the main reason for the ranking you gave to each candidate against each of the selection criteria. I.e., what was the evidence from each candidate’s application that you used to rank that candidate against each of the 6 selection criteria? (For example, what did you think showed a candidate was a team player? or that they were self- motivated? Etc.) If you did not base your ranking of any candidate against any of the 6 selection criteria, but instead used something else (such as your own assumptions about that candidate) briefly explain the basis you used for your ranking. (7 marks)

c) Briefly explain the one (1) major characteristic or aspect of each of those candidates you did not shortlist, which in your view makes them unsuitable for this position (6 marks)

Question three [6 marks]

Robin is very pleased with your work on this recruitment and selection exercise, and now seeks your advice about suitable selection tests. “The interview isn’t enough to show us whether we do have the best candidate who can do the job and fit in. So we need to use a couple of other tests as well”, Robin says.

a) With reference to the information each of the three shortlisted candidates has provided in their application and the key requirements of this position, suggest one suitable selection test for each of the three shortlisted candidates – i.e., a total of three tests –

MGMT6023 ● Human Resources Management • Assignment

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