Journal 4 Veal (2005)
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Journal 4

Journal 4

Veal (2005) identifies a number of issues with using questionnaires to collect research data, including:

* The accuracy and completeness of responses

* The possibility of low response rates and corresponding issues with reliability of results

* The need for clear links between questionnaire data and the research question or hypotheses

* The validity of of data gathered.

1. Outline 3 advantages are of using questionnaires to gather primary data.

2. Explain how your team will attempt to overcome some of the issues identified by Veal (2005). (If your team has not used a questionnaire, use a hypothetical example).

3. Explain how the issues identified may impact the validity and reliability of results.

Veal, A. (2005) Business Research Methods: A Managerial Approach. AKL: Pearson Ed.

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