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Report-Individual Assessment Part 3–based on your SELECTED BUSINESS and your research you will need to write an internal report informing the CEO of the company of an operational pmblem detected in your study,. well as of a potential solution to this. While doing so. you will need to demonstrate effective negotiation skills. The minimum word count for the individual brief report for this assessment is 1250, and the maximum limit is set to 1750. The individual -brier report: • Us. relevant academic evidence to support claims. • Uses sufficient exteral evidence to support claims and ideas. • Presents both persuasive and compelling arguments justifying the proposed solution. • Exhibits influence for moving the organisation towards thc solutions proposed. • Presents ways a improving organisational efficiency and effectiveness in the SELECTED BUSINESS. • Communicates research findings for the target audience in the SELECTED BUSINESS. • Uses effective writing and language for communicating findings. • Is appropriate to the target stakeholders from your SELECTED BUSINESS using a recognised business format. • Is presented in a format appropriate for communicating research findings in operational contexts. • Presen. ways of improving communication in groups or teams in business operations. • Presents %%2,, of enh.cing engagement in the SELECTED BUSINESS using communication processes. • Presents workable solutions to a selected operational problem. • Uses positive ways for convincing stakeholders in the SELECTED BUSINESS of the value of thc proposed solution. • Uses the application of negotiation skills to enh.ce stakeholder acceptance of the proposed solution in the SELECTED BUSINESS

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