HOST 5108 Assessment Two Industry Case Study Report
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HOST.5108 – Assessment Two: Industry Case Study Report (30%)

1500 – 1700 words Copy to be placed in the dropbox (C Block) and uploaded to Moodle This assessment is worth 30% of your final mark and covers learning outcome three

The purpose of this case study report task is to determine your ability to:

Apply analytical tools (e.g. SWOT analysis) Use and assess analytical tools to inform a business direction


Part A – SWOT Analysis. 110 Marks. Due: 12th April 5pm (Individual)

Report on a tourism or hospitality business (two businesses will be presented to you in class time).

Complete a SWOT analysis on one tourism or hospitality business. Your tutor will arrange for two businesses to present to the class and you are to choose one business to complete your SWOT

Use the NZ Activating Domestic Tourism website to analysis data, to support your recommendations –

As an outcome of the SWOT and data analysis on the NZ Activating Domestic Tourism website you are to recommend a marketing direction for your chosen business. This will include:

Recommendation of a marketing strategy and an explanation of why you have chosen this direction Recommendation of tactical marketing activities to support the strategy you have chosen

Your report should include the following (each section starting on a new page):

Title page with course number, name of chosen business, assessment number and title, student ID and due date Table of contents including page numbers An introduction of your chosen business SWOT analysis findings NZ Activating Domestic Tourism website research on the visitor profile – ‘Who’s Interested’, ‘What do they want?’ and ‘How do we reach them?’ Marketing recommendations Conclusion 12 point font, Calibri, Arial or Times Roman for most the text. You can use larger font sizes for headings and subheadings. 1.5 line spacing Correct APA referencing in-text and a reference list of all the books, journals, websites and any other sources of information you use.

Part B – Sharing your ideas with industry. 20 Marks. Due: 12th April 5pm (Team)

Provide feedback about your recommendations to the tourism business via video message in teams (3 per team)

In teams you will create a short video message (2-3 minute) that will be given to the tourism business discussed in Part A. This message will contain your team’s collective marketing recommendations and ideas for this business. Each team member will share one of their recommendations from Part A of this assessment, to create the message. As a team you will support each other to ensure your messages collectively are coherent and realistic.

Submission of your video will be discussed in class. As a team you can choose your preferred video app and will be given class time to plan and create your video message.


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