HOST.5106 Assessment 3 Part A Gastronomy Tourism Project
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Part A: Event Plan

Your Event Plan will include:

1. Event summary, aims and objectives of the event,


2. Promotional activities to gain awareness of the event.

Part A: Event Plan

Event summary (date, time, venue) aims and objectives of

the event.




Part A: Event Plan

Event aims and objectives:

Why is the event taking place?

What is the event hoping to achieve?

Part A: Event Plan

Timeline: tasks, roles, deadlines

What tasks need to be completed, who will complete the tasks, when do they need

to be completed by?

E.g. Break the project down into smaller parts. What will you need to do to get

each section completed? You may like to use a table for your timeline.

Task: Team member: Complete by:

Part A: Event Plan

E.g. Part B #2 you need to provide a description of the region, including cultural,

environmental, historical features of significance. What do you need to do in order

to be able to write this description?

E.g. Task: Team member: Complete by:

Conduct research on the region and Kaikoura’s

cultural features of significance.

Jasmine 24 October

Conduct research on Kaikoura’s environmental

and historical features of significance.

David 24 October

Share answers with team and write the


All 24 October

Part A: Event Plan – Marking Criteria

All elements of the event plan have been completed and in


The team have demonstrated a well thought out and realistic

timeline, showing that they are well prepared to complete all

the tasks required to a high standard. All team member’s

contributions have been addressed in the timeline.

Part A: Event Plan

2. Promotional activities to gain awareness of the event.

Marking Criteria – Two relevant promotional activities have been explained in depth

and include examples and links to research.

Consider the guests that you want to attend the event, what is the best method to

reach these guests?

What research can you find related to the selected promotional methods that justify

your choice?

Email phone poster website social media face to face ?

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