Hospitality Career Professional Development Plan
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Identify and understand your chosen profession (15 marks)

Identify your dream’ hospitality or tourism career position and explain your choice.

Draw a career plan/map of your desired career, starting from entry level to the highest position that your chosen job could lead to.

Identify 10 key attributes &/or attitudes which are needed for your identified career choice.

List 5 transferrable skills (transferrable skills are the general abilities/ soft skills you develop that are useful across a range of different jobs and industries) Employers everywhere value these skills because they mean you can solve problems and satisfy customers – and it’s no different when you’re looking for hotel and restaurant jobs or a job with an airline.

Produce a Curriculum Vitae (CV) relevant to your chosen profession which identifies personal strengths and skills (50 marks)

Include the following sections: >> Personal details – full name, address, contact telephone numbers and email address

Personal/ Objective statement — key words that best describe your character and career objectives

Experience/ Employment history – in reverse chronological order, provide job title, dates, locations,

employers and a brief description of your main achievements.

Academic Achievements – in reverse chronological order include dates, names and locations of the

schools, colleges or universities attended and other relevant achievements such as health and safety

qualifications or first aid certificates.

Skills/ Interests – include skills or interests that match the requirements of your chosen career



Create a personal development plan which identifies how you may achieve your short and long term goals. (20 marks)

Create a illustrative timeline which includes: → Short-term goals (for your study year) – at least 4

► Long-term goals (5 years) – at least 6

Milestones – at least 10 signposts of desired achievements should be highlighted including both

short and long term goals.

Academic Requirements (15 marks) Marks will be allocated for a logical flow of ideas, general proof-reading, professional presentation and formatting.

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