Food and Beverages Assignment
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Due oate 8..fime 26 August 4,,

resk: InveStieate and describe the operational requirements of 3 of the following type, • Carve, Silver service Counter/bar food service: • Buffet Banquet • Table Service TakeawaY Room service

Me °Perat.nai requirements you need to consider: TASKS R saUnil aRrEkDs ( 5 per food service tyPel is marks ( 5 Per f.od service type) 15 markS ( 5 Per food service type)

1. Front of house service/ requirements, any other staffing 2. Characteristics of the food and beverage offering/menu items. 3. Essential or specialist equipment such as serving tables, trays, hot plates, any specialist packaging, linens etc. Be specific and highlight the key items.

4. Purchasing implications of providing the service styles selected.

15 marks (S per food service type)

5. What are the expectations of the customer regarding this service style?

15 marks ( 5 per food service type)

Include ar least 2 .a mples (each) of local hospitality venues where the food service types you have selected is offered to enhance your answers. An additional 3 marks awarded if 3 examples given per food service type. 6 marks/ 9 marks

Provide 3 in text citations and an APA reference list, one per service type.

6 marks

Use a concise writing style, show logical organisation of your answer, correct grammar, spelling, word count Report style (Maximum 1800 words)

10 marks

Assessment 1. Marking Guide ( See tasks above)

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