Ethics Assignment
  • Question / Requirement

Task 2:

Write about the various theories of ethics which we have discussed in class. Which aspect of ethics seems most definitive to you? Why? Draw on various aspects of your life to discuss your ethical perspectives.

(15 marks)

Task 3:

Compile a coherent account of your reflections (no more than 1500 words) to demonstrate the journey you have undertaken throughout this course, particularly relating to your (changed?) ethical perspectives.

(13 marks)

Note that your journal must be submitted every two weeks throughout the trimester, before your final write-up, to ensure journal entries are made regularly. The interim submissions may be made by e-mail, and feedback will be given at or prior to the next class, if possible.

You should bear in mind this feedback when undertaking the self-assessment in Task 3. Consider what you have learnt about specific aspects of yourself and about your ethical perspectives when you come to this part of the assessment. Also decide what action you have taken, if any, as a result of your reflections about yourself, and include it in your writing in Task 3.

The theories of ethics include Utilitarianism, Kant’s Categorical Imperative, Rawls’s Justice as Fairness and Confucianism.

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