DBN508 2 Assessment 2: Task 1: Project Report (30%) Leadership
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Assessment 2 – Task 1 (Project Report – 30% or 60 marks) due in Week 9 (LO2 – 15% and LO3 – 15%)

General Instructions

The aims of this task are:

LO2: to develop skills in managing scope and resources for a project.

LO3: to develop skills in personal time management for effective and efficient performance.

1. Complete Task 1 using secondary data and present your project plan in a report format using the specified instructions, below.


Assume that you are a human resource officer who is tasked to chair a team that will complete ONE of the following projects in an organisation (private, public or charity) with more than 50 employees in New Zealand.

Get the approval from your DBN508 course lecturer on your selected project in Weeks 2-4. Although the project selected by some groups may be the same, but each group will choose different existing companies in New Zealand for study. e.g., private, public or charity organisation.

Project 1: A five-day annual field trip in New Zealand for ONE of the departments in the organisation

Project 2: A two-day in-house training that involves ONE of the departments in the organisation

Project 3: A three-day office renovation of ONE of the departments in the organisation

Project 4: A one-day community service to promote social or environmental sustainability that involves ONE of the departments in the organisation

Project 5: A one-day staff engagement activity to build workplace cultural awareness in the organisation

Invent details for your project as appropriate. Please obtain feedback from your lecturer on a weekly basis for further improvement(s).

Sections Key sections in your report LO Marks Awarded

1 Report cover page

(Assessment title, programme name, term, students’ full name and I/D, tutor’s full name, total word count) N/A N/A

2 Executive summary (100-150 words. 5 marks)

Provide a brief summary of the main text of the report, including:

1. Purpose of the report

2. Summary of the key sections of your report:

• Company background and your proposed project plan

• Research findings and analysis for Section 2.1

• Research findings and analysis for Section 2.2

• Conclusions

(Notes: Please refer to the rubric, below, for marking criteria and scale) 2, 3 /5 marks

3 Table of contents

Record the names of each part of the report and the name of each first and second order heading within the body and the page on which each occurs. N/A N/A

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