DBN 607 Assessment 1 Managing People
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Introduction 2

Impact — economic 2

Positive impact: 2

Negative impact: 2

Impact — social 3

Positive impact 3

Negative impact 3

Impact — culture 4

The positive cultural impact is as described below, 4

The negative cultural impact is as shown below, 4

Impact — environment 5

Following are the effects which are positive on the environment in the region of Rotorua 5

Negative impacts 5

References 7


The tourism market of the country New Zealand is famous. Out of many locations in New Zealand the most visited place of NZ includes, Rotorua, Auckland, Christchurch. The growth of these above given places is dependent on the visitor’s expenses and the significant growth has been observed in the market of NZ. The famous things at the location Rotorua are geothermal, spas, mud pools and the Maori culture. So, there is significant increment in the visitor’s number have been observed.

Impact — economic

Positive economic impacts are as described below,

Positive impact:

 The study made in year 2015 the growth percentage is 17% in terms of visitor’s expenditures than the year 2014. The expenditure’s contribution was around the value $593 million.

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