DBN 602 Business Communication Assessment 1 Research Based Assignment
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PART A – Introducing the business and its communication strategy

(Learning Outcome 1 – 35+5=40 Marks Total) Learning Outcome 5 [20 Marks Total]

i) Business Introduction (10 marks)

Research and outline the nature and characteristics of the New Zealand business you have chosen.

In the introduction describe:

– the name of the business

– the size and scale of the business

– the products and services provided

– the areas and/or countries served.

Approximately 150 words.

ii) Communication Methods (or Approaches) (10- marks)

Briefly explain the communication methods (or approaches) the New Zealand business uses to relate to its stakeholders.

In your explanation include:

– Social media

– Technology such as email

– Other engagement and communication methods.

Where possible attach examples or screen shots of the communication methods used by the business you have chosen.

Approximately 150 words.

iii) Competitive profile (15 marks)


 Number of businesses in the industry (most current data)

 Substitute/directly competing products

 Business’s main direct competitors in NZ

 Relative size of competitors (market share/size)

 Intensity of competition

 Significant trends affecting profitability.

Approximately 250 words.

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PART B: Analysing Communication Issues (LO5)

i) Business Communication Issues (10X2 = 20 marks)

Briefly outline two communication issues or challenges faced by the New Zealand business related to the case study. (Approximately 150 words)

Analyse the communication issues in terms of:

– Cause and development of the 2 issues (what and how it happened)

– Impact of issues on the business’s performance

– Stakeholders and impact of issues on stakeholders

PART C: Applying Problem Solving Skills (LO6)

Learning Outcome 6 (40 Marks Total)

i) The Response plan (15 marks)

Outline how you would respond to the issues in your chosen case study by outlining a plan.

Briefly discuss one of the following:

1. What steps would you undertake to resolve the issues? OR

2. What steps does your plan undertake to resolve the issues? Model given below:

 Define the conflict/problems in the issues

 Identify possible solutions

 The steps to implement the plan

 Applies suitable model effectively

The response plan must be based on a proven model for issues/conflict management model and be suitable to use for the situation provided.

All references to a model must be APA referenced.

Approximately 150 words.

ii) Implementation plan

Explain in approximately 120 words how the implementation of the plan will improve the business efficiency or effectiveness? (5 marks)

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iii) Communication methods to address issues (20 marks)

Discuss how you would communicate the issues to the most crucial stakeholder Clearly state who the recipient of the message is, the method of communication to be used, and the message you would communicate to them.

You need to:

1. Identifying the stakeholder you have selected

2. Justifying why the stakeholder identified is the most crucial

3. Identifying the most appropriate method of communication

4 Justify the appropriateness of the content of the message by providing one evidence.

Approximately 250 words

Part D: References

(5 Marks)

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