DB742 Strategic Management Assessment 1
  • Question / Requirement

Sections Description Introduction LO3 & LO4

Q.1. Analyse the chosen organisation’s competitive position within the industry. (10 marks). LO3: Critically evaluate strategic management practice in organisations

Q.2. Identify Two (2) key strategic objectives of your chosen organisation and critically evaluate the organisation’s strategic management practice as a competitive tool in enhancing the performance of your chosen organisation. (10 marks).

(Two key strategic objectives x 5 =10 marks).

Q.3. Using PEST Analysis, analyse the impact of external environments on your selected organisation. (10 marks).

Select one element from each dimension of PEST.

(4 elements x 5 marks = 20 marks).

Q.4. Recommend how the management of your selected organisation should respond to the negative and/or positive impact of the elements analysed in Q. 3 (above) to maintain its competitive position. (10 marks).

(4 recommendations x 5 marks = 20 marks)

Q.5. Outline and evaluate ONE (1) Corporate and ONE (1) Business or functional level strategy at your selected organisation. Discuss how the organisation is managing / adapting its operations to achieve these strategies. (10 marks).

(2 strategies with discussion on operations x 5 = 10 marks).

LO4: Identify and analyse complex problems using appropriate knowledge

Q.6. Identify and analyse at least TWO (2) complex problems faced by your selected organisation in terms of innovation, agility, technology or relevant problems.

Provide examples to justify your analysis. (20 marks).

(2 complex problems with an example each x 10 = 20 marks).

[2 complex problems with an example each: 5 marks for identifying and explaining the problem + 5 marks for supporting it with an example = 10 x 2 = 20 marks].

Q7. Suggest at least TWO (2) best recommendations to your selected organisation to overcome the complex problems identified in Q.6.

Provide arguments to justify why you think it is the best solution.

Justify your arguments with specific examples. (20 marks).

[Two (2) recommendations with an example each x 10 = 20 marks].

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