Crankworx Assignment
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on your expereince at Crankworx (5 marks) DUE 2nd April

This weeks topic is based on your experience at the International Mt Bike event – Crankworx.

You are to reflect on the event event through an ‘event management’ lens. Share images from your experience as a volunteer at Crankworx.

TASKS: 1. Provide a brief outline of what your role at Crankworx and how this role contributes to the success of the visitor experience. (2 marks)

2. Given the difference between paid employees and volunteers, how important do you consider money and a motivator. Explain your thoughts and provide examples. (2 marks)

3. How do events like Crankworx attract people to volunteer? Recommend one action / activity that an event like Crankworx could do to attract highly engaged volunteers. (1 mark)

NOTE: This self directed work is due 2nd April

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