Clinical Governance
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Assessment Two Learning outcomes This assessment will assess learning outcomes two and three:

2. critically analyse governance and management; principles, structures and frameworks 3. review the origins and evolution of clinical governance;

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Clinical governance frameworks provide opportunities for clinicians to engage in the organisation and planning of safe and effective health services. This report is designed to assess your understanding of the concept of clinical governance.

Task: Consider the role of clinical governance on ensuring quality within healthcare

Include the following in your analysis:

– The origins and relevance of Clinical Governance – Specific actions that may be used to monitor quality and safety – Knowledge of the relationship between governance and management in relation to Clinical Governance with a specific focus on iwi primary health care. A personal reflection with reference to Clinical Governance issues

Please write the assessment in report format. Refer to the rubric for specific weightings for each section.

All work should be fully supported by current academic literature and written in a scholarly manner. All assignments will be individually reviewed by academic staff via Turnitin irrespective of similarity percentage.

Further instruction will be provided at group tutorials.

IA/nra limit 2000 worth + or 10%

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