Case Study Demand For New Zealand As Tourism Destination
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B. Case Study: Demand for New Zealand as tourism destination

[Learning Outcome 3 – 50 marks Section B] Due Date: Thursday, 11th April, 2019 (9am)

Hard copy of Powerpoint and Presentation Notes to be handed to tutor at the

time of presentation and uploaded to Moodle. By means of a group presentation, analyse current demand for New Zealand as a tourism destination by key tourism markets (tourism markets will be allocated in class) Present the following information in power point format. Your presentation must be a group effort, visually and verbally appealing and relevant to your allocated market.

5a. Explain why your particular market is significant to New Zealand (3) and identify

one relevant facilitator, motivator and resistance factor that may affect decisions to travel to or within New Zealand from your allocated market. Explain fully how each factor would affect tourist demand. Include examples where appropriate. (9)

(12 marks)

b. Research and describe the general behaviour of your allocated market in regards to

New Zealand. Explain any significant factors that may have affected the decisionmaking of your market in regard to the following factors:

► travel styles (i.e. FIT, SIT or inclusive) – including preferred

accommodation and modes of transport (7)

time/s of year normally visit (3) ► length of stay (3) ► 2 key regions visited (3) > 2 key attractions sought (3) ► 2 key activities sought (3)

References included (at least 3) using APA formatting (3)

(25 marks)

Presentation marks will be allocated for the following: – Visual Appeal – material is of a high standard, easy to interpret and appropriate (5) – Delivery – effective communication skills, engages and involves the audience (5) Debrief – test audience understanding of the market eg. quiz, puzzle (3)

(13 marks)

Sources of Information: Textbook – Collier, A. (2011). Principles of tourism. A New Zealand perspective (8th ed.). Auckland, New Zealand: Pearson Hospitality Press

Statistical reference material provided • Tourism websites such as –,,, • Other general texts on tourism (See Course Outline)

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