Business Ethics
  • Question / Requirement

Table of Contents

Introduction 2

Personal ethical perspectives 2

Harry’s character and the way it influenced his decision making 2

Harry’s spirituality which influenced his decision making 3

Aspects of transformation 3

Ethical decision making and action 4

Nine-steps to sound ethical decision making at Boeing 4

Importance of moral sensitivity, moral judgement, moral motivation and moral character 5

Ethical interpersonal communication 6

Exercising the ethical influence 7

Improving the group ethical performances 8

Leadership and followership ethics 9

Two ethical challenges of ethics that harry encountered 9

Harry’s leadership at Boeing 9

Principle of Exemplary Followership 10

Building an ethical workplace 10

Ethical culture at Harry’s leadership role as a CEO 10

Combating to the anti-social behavior by Harry 11

Promotion of CSR 11

Demonstration of CSR during the term Harry as CEO 11

Type of CSR 12

Conclusion 12

References 13

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