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Paper: Task 1: Business Concept Report

55 marks

The key requirement for this task is for the learner to:


Identify a business problem or challenge that exists


operating in New Zealand in relation to product, service, process, technology or system

Research and identify a potential creative and innovative solution that will convert that problem/challenge into an opportunity for the organization.

The report must address the following requirements.

1. Cover page and Table of Contents

(Cover page includes) • Name of the business • Student Full name • Student ID • Name of the paper • Title of assessment • Declaration on plagiarism 2 Marks

2. Introduction

Provide a detailed description of your chosen organization: you must include at least 5 key elements to describe the organization, for example, its history, size, functions, business environment, products/services, markets. 2 marks for each element- Total 10 marks

3. SWOT Analysis

Carry out a SWOT analysis of the organization, identifying at least one of each (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.) 1 mark for each element. LOlcTotal 4 marks

4. Provide detailed analysis of 1 business problem or

challenge facing the organization and its significance for the organization’s future. LOlc. 10 marks.

5.1. Provide a detailed description of an innovative

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5.1. Provide a detailed description of an innovative

idea/solution and how it will resolve the problem/challenge. LO1a. 10 marks.

5.2. Discussion of the innovation in terms of the 4

dimensions of innovation. LO1a. 2 marks.

6.1. Strategic level changes required in relation to either a

structure, system, technology, culture, human resource or organizational goal in order to achieve the innovation.

LOlb. 6 marks 6.2. Discuss which type of change your example falls

within (radical change, linear incremental change, and non-linear breakthroughs). LOlb. 2 marks

7. 3 strategies that the management can use to create a culture

of innovation within the organization in order to ensure ongoing innovation within the organization. LO1a. 4 marks

8. You must use correct referencing style throughout the

report. At least 5 academic journals and at least 2 books must be consulted and referenced. 5 marks

Marking rubrics for each section:

1. Cover page and table of contents – 2 Marks Marks Standard required for each element

Table of contents is complete and correctly formatted. 0 – 0.5 Table of content is not included – Table of contents is type rather than including

correct formatting Cover page includes students name and ID + The assessment title and course

name and number 0 – 0.5 Cover page is not included or is incomplete


2. Introduction- 10 marks 2 marks for each element Marks Standard required for each element

Excellent description of organisation in terms of the key element. Key element explained in depth with examples. Evidence that student has made use of various sources of secondary information. Key element is explained in terms of management theory. Some comparison made in terms of other organisations in the

same industry. 1.5 Good description of organisation in terms of the key elements. Some reference to

secondary sources of information. Key element is explained in terms of management theory. Some examples provided. Adequate explanation of key elements. Little or no examples.





1. IT

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