BMGT6023 Human Resource Management Assessment Three: Human Resource Portfolio Report
  • Question / Requirement

Part A – Organisation overview and Health and Safety (20%)

1. Organisation introduction (15 marks)

Provide an introduction that outlines your chosen organisation.

Key focus questions to assist include:

Identify your chosen organisation

What is the purpose and/or vision of your chosen organisation?

What do they produce/service?

What is the organisation’s strategy? – do they have a strategy?

What type of organisation is it? Local, national, international, not for profit, small, large?

2. Health, Safety and Wellbeing Current Practice (30 marks)

Explain how your chosen organisation currently manages their employee health, safety and wellbeing. Ensure you identify all of these three (3) areas in your report.

Describe and evaluate how this organisation deals with any work-related employee stress and work-life balance for its employees. If you do not believe any work-related stresses or work life balance issues exist at this organisation, explain, giving examples, why this is.

3. Health, safety and well-being analysis and comparison (30 marks)

Identify with examples, any specific health and safety issue/s this organisation should be aware of due to the nature of the industry and any external influences in respect to the current legislative requirements, and suggest what it should do to manage those.

Evaluate how this organisation’s health and safety management and practice compares against the current New Zealand legislative requirements for workplace health and safety.

4. Health and safety recommendations (25 marks)

Recommend, giving reasons, two (2) ways that you believe this organisation’s current health and safety management could be further improved to benefit the organisation and its employees.

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