BMGT 7009 Reflective Portfolio Part B Leadership
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Wed, 17 Apr

ASSIGNMENT 2- Reflective Portfolio Part 8

100 marks

This assessment requires you to reflect on your experiences of being a leader and a follower class activities


• Title page with course number assessment number and title studenti und due date • Use 12 point font, with either Calibri, Arial or Times New Roman for most of the text. You

can use larger fontes for headings and subheadings • Follow the layout of the assessment for your headings • Use 15 line spacing • Use credible references to support your answers • Include a reference list (using APA 6 version of the books, jurnals and websites you

Task one – Reflection Leadership Style

800 – 1000 words

When you lead a group you will need to consider how you will ensure your group is innovative and creative in the processes and/or activities you use to solve each problem,

This task has 2 questions to it, question 1 relates to you prior to leading your group and question 2 relates to after you have led your team.

Prior to leading your group answer the following question


a3564) Choose a leadership style you think would best apply to this situation. Explain why you choose

this leaderships style and explain how you will use this style to achieve a successful outcome

You should write 300-350 words for each section

(10 marks)


b) After you have led your group, reflect on your leadership by

Describing: What happened in terms of the intention of the activity and the outcome Evaluating: Which ideas helped the group be creative and innovative AM Evaluating Which ideas and/or activities did not help? Why not?


BMGT7009 Leadership in Business

H 2019

Reflection – Personal Followership Style

600-700 Words

Reflect on one of the occasions when you were a follower to answer the following questions

a) Describe your involvement as a follower in the group

15 marks)

b) Analyse your involvement and link it to the type of followers

(10 marks)

c) Theorise – Suggest at least one different way of approaching your role as a follower. Base your answer within leadership/ follower theory.

(10 marks)

d) Act-Explain what you might do differently if you found yourself in a similar situation as you described in the first section (a) of Task Two

(5 marks)

7:04 A

This is Leadership 2nd assignment. We have to choose one leadershin style


1st Task 3

A. 3

Leadership style 3

B. 3

Intention of the activity and the outcomes 3

Ideas helped to a group for being more creative and innovative 4

The ideas/activities which didn’t help 4

2nd Task 6

A. 6

Involvement as a follower in the group 6

B. 6

Own involvement and linking it to the types of follower 6

C. 6

Different way to approach my role as a follower 6

D. 7

The actions taken for the similar situation 7

Task 1 Reflection Leadership Style

When you lead a group

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