BMGT 7007 Literature Review
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Assessment 2: Literature Review

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Assessment Weighting – 40%

Word limit — 2000 Objective: The objective of this assessment is to demonstrate your ability and skills in researching a bt_ related topic. Based on this literature review, you are expected to develop three research uestions of your study.

What topics can you discuss for your literature review? You can select any contemporary business-related topic you like. You must ensure, however, that your chosen topic aligns with your chosen strand or major. General discussion of any of the topics selected should be narrowed down to the discussion of .a problem/opportunity of applied character (dealing with a specific business decision for a specific organisation). In other words, you may start with the discussion of the topic at as general level as possible, but later you need to connect this discussion with to pecific entity a nd/or phenomenon (e.g. an organisation, industry, country and/or region; high staff rnover in an organisation). ast. It You can discuss an organisation that you are currently working wish to for or have worked for in the p know could be an organisation in which you are interested and may approach, or you may someone who works in an organisation with whom you can discuss issues of this organisation.

This assignment is done individually. It is your responsibility to ensure you submit work that is your own and that any work/idea that is not your own is correctly paraphrased and/or cited. Plagiarism and copying from others without proper referencing/citation is considered a prohibited practice and will be penalised severely (see Course Outline for details). Submission Instructions: You must submit your literature review electronically through Turnitin via the assignment upload box on Moodie, on or before the deadline. A hard copy of your literature review should also be submitted on the assignment drop-box (in I block) on or before the announced deadline.

Literature Review: Structure • Research Title

• Introduction (300 to 450 words) In this section, you need to Briefly present the organisation considered and the industry it belongs to. Introduce the general problem/opportunity. – Explain why your topic is important and why you have selected it. Identify the scope of the review — what aspects of the topic will be discussed/excluded from discussion.


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