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@ 84% 0 Word length: Approximately 3000 words – excluding references. Topic: Leucaena Many exotic pasture grasses and legumes have been introduced to improve the productivity of pasture systems in northern Australia. Some of these have turned out to be beneficial pasture plants as well as major weeds in some environments. Identify the major impacts that these escaped pasture plants may cause from an economic, environmental and/or social perspective. Using Leucaena as a case study, what can landholders do to minimise the risk of it spreading from their property and becoming an environmental weed. Additional focus areas:

• What is Leucaena and why is it used? • Are there any environmental limitations to

its use? • Are there any harmful effects when cattle

graze leucena? And if so how are these overcome.

Some places to start your research (You will also need scientific literature):

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